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Under Services, Amfico represents UK’s largest privately owned specialist logistics company M/s Suttons International as well as leading Malaysian company Infinity Bulk Logistics.


As one of the many leading logistic operators in India, Amfico has the expertise to transport chemicals and liquids in bulk for the chemical industry to ensure secure transport services across India. This transportation is facilitated in various tanks such as ISO tanks, Baffle tanks and Lined tanks. The Suttons Tank Containers are manufactured from stainless steel making the tank container suitable for the carriage of food grade products, non-hazardous chemicals and a large majority of hazardous products. Other aspects of our specialty services include freight forwarding, custom clearance and transportation. Flexitanks are specially designed for bulk liquid transportation. They do not contaminate the environment and are 100% recyclable.


Flexitanks are specially designed for bulk liquid transportation. Compatible with almost all food grade product, a great solution to transport juices, wines, food grade liquid and shipping oils across the globe. Amfico Agencies represents Infinity Bulk Liquid Solutions a Malaysian flexibag manufacturer and operator for the past few years. The scope of our activities include import, stock,transport, customs clear, handling freight and fitting of the flexibags for customers as per their requirements. Flexitanks are simple to install, light weight in structure, provide saving of over 30% – 40% and reduces the risk of contamination in comparison to other packaging method.

ISO Lease

MNC's and local conglomerates, manufacturing liquid cargoes with strict safety norms have started reviewing their supply chain partners and switching over from road tankers to ISO Tanks for many of their critical chemicals, oils and products. Others have started using tanks for JIT (Just-in-Time) deliveries to their important customers. Considering the need of the hour situation, Amfico has started domesticating Tank Containers and offering the same for Local Storage and Transportation within India. The fleet consists of T11/T14/Baffle Tanks etc, depending on the specialised needs of the customers. These tanks are either lined with Chemline, or Amfico has electrified these tanks with Dirac cables, we can also customise tanks for tracking using SAAVY telematics. Amfico also can supply cryogenic tanks on lease if desired.