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The trading division has a large number of diversified segments under its belt covering Technical Spares (Valves, Gaskets, Claddings, Gauges, other metal spares), Medical Devices and Products (innovative sanitization products), Safety related Products (elasticized barriers, wheel nut indicators) as well as liquid dispensers for the Food & Beverage industry.


Amfico represents the renowned company from Belguim, BOPLAN® They design, develop and manufacture sustainable, high-quality, high-performance plastics meant for highly effective fall and collision protection for demanding environments. Flex Impact are modular, industrial-grade fall, highly shock-absorbent safety barriers manufactured from thick-walled reinforced plastic elements, providing increased impact resistance. A range of handrails, guard rails, bollards, goal posts, corner protectors, safety gates, dock bumpers, protective bumpers and rack protectors are represented by Amfico. Axes gates are industrial safety gates for robust fall protection. The entire range of Boplan products can be applied across various industries such as warehousing, transport & logistics, supply chain, F&B, automotive, distribution & packaging, factory & production halls, cold storage industry, construction and airports.


DyMac Global is an acknowledged leader in a field of fuel storage tank. A safe and constant fuel supply is paramount to the success of any modern industrial organisation. Amfico Agencies Pvt. Ltd. has been a proud representative of this UK based company. DyMac focusses on versatile top of the range fuel storage tank that satisfies environmental concerns. First class manufacturing processes, the DyMac range of bunded tanks are designed to be compatible with majority of industry standard dispensing equipment. Industries that it caters to are mining, oil & gas,construction, rental industries and military. The products are designed to ensure safe storage and efficient transfer of industrial lubricants and hazardous liquids and are the first choice of fuel tanks for industry leaders worldwide designed to ensure safe storage and efficient transfer of industrial lubricants and hazardous liquids.


Amfico is proud to introduce VSP TECHNOLOGIES, USA's leading manufacture of Gasket and Fluid sealing material, recognized throughout the world as a superior choice when it comes to reliability, performance and trust for their well known and popular designs of Anti-Buckling Spiral Wound Gasket And SS Corrugates Insert Gasket. VSP technologies, is an engineering firm which focuses on saving our clients' money and improving safety, since 1979. An encapsulated, corrugated stainless steel insert energizes gasket performance. 100% Expanded PTFE for the widest range of chemical compatibility. Superior sealing, thermal cycling & pressure resistance. Minimal torque loss after thermal and pressure cycling. Seals against corroded pitted flange surfaces. Lowest life cycle cost possible.

Box Sales

lorem ipsm has been in the movement of liquid logistics, ISO Tank container fleet management & maintenance, testing, cleaning coating and storage.

ISO Sales

Amfico has been scaling businesses & catering to the growing demand for Tank Containers or widely known as ISO Tanks, that have been gaining ground in India for EXIM and Domestic usage. These very sturdy Stainless Steel /Mild Steel equipments meant to carry liquid cargoes are the main stay with Multinational Chemical Giants as well as with Large Indian Manufacturers. This specialised equipment comes with different T-codes to carry different types of cargoes and their sizes usually range from 14kl to 26kl. Amfico has been domestically leasing and trading new, second hand, or re-furbished equipments, with complete domesticated documentation, to Chemical Manufacturers, Traders as well as with Transport companies. These equipments may include Baffled, Lined, Top/Bottom Discharge or even swap bodies.

APC sales

Amfico has been a proud representative and partner to the US company, APC ChemLINE®, a brand of high-performance protective coatings and linings that deliver excellent chemical resistance to aggressive cargoes. Concerns such as leaks, life reduction of the tank, crevice corrosion, galvanic corrosion in tanks cause serious impact and high maintenance cost. ChemLINE® 784 is a high functionality, two component thermoset polymer coating, delivering improved product performance and anti-corrosion resistance. Its coating is formulated with a unique high functionality polymer that is designed and engineered with 28 functional groups per molecule. APC Chemline paint is extensively used in the following industries such as Chemical Processing - Tanks, vessels, hazardous waste, secondary containment, chemical plant floors, Paper & Pulp, Mining , Power Generation, Steel and Waste Water.


Amfico is the international representative for Zerpo Airbags that are made of different materials such as PPL where the outer shell is of paper laminated with PP woven material. To ensure secured & stabilized logistics, Dunnage Bags are load securement materials used to prevent both lateral and longitudinal movement and are much more effective in stabilizing cargo compared with wood blocking and bracing. Zerpo lowers logistics cost substantially and are firm, reliable and easy to handle. They reduce tedious claim procedures thereby enhancing company and product image and increasing client satisfaction. They Inflate & deflate air quickly, are re-usable and moisture resistant. Dunnage Air Bags are suitable for most types of shipping, including bulk ship, railway, container, truck etc., applying to most fields & cargoes, such as: Machinery Manufacturing, Refrigeration, Metalworks, Paper, Chemicals and Beverages such as Beer, Wine, water, Soda, etc.


Amfico is proud to introduce YUYAO SUNPASS INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO. LTD., a specialized manufacturer and exporter of a full range of high quality custom developed Seals and Gaskets for use with chemical and food grade tank container, situated in Yuyao, Zhejiang, China. SunPass, also manufactures other items such as Dust Caps, Document Holders, SS Dip Sticks, Data Plates, Temperature Gauges, Pressure Gauges etc. BRAIDED MANLID SEAL PTFE - clean length form braided packing for lids and fittings on static and mobile tank containers. SunPass style 2200 is manufactured from an inert reinforced polypropylene yarn, impregnated with PTFE and an inert resin to provide a non-stick surface. SUPER TANKTYT LID SEAL - The seal is made of the highest quality 100% virgin PTEF and used in valves All these gaskets are supplied by world leading manufacturer, designed specifically to give long life with high integrity sealing.


Amfico, proud to introduce GIRARD EQUIPMENT Inc, as USA’s leading manufacturer of ISO Tank and Tank Trailer Equipment, recognized throughout the world as superior choice when it comes to reliability, performance and trust for their well known and popular designs of pressure Relief Vents and Magnetic Vacuum Breakers, since 1952 located within USA at Florida, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey and other parts of the world such as Rotterdam, Beijing, United Kingdom and is now extending its operations onto India. Girard covers equipment for the Intermodal Tank Container Transport, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s), Acid Road Tankers, Railcars, Chemical and Petroleum Road Tankers. Girard Equipment has already fitted nearly 5000 tank containers. Most worldwide Maintenance and Repair professionals have started using and recommending Girard parts of their management due to its reliability and performance.


Amfico Agencies Pvt. Ltd. has its own depot with a team of engineers, driven to design and produce innovative solutions for our domestic and international clients. With the growing demand for ISO Tank spare parts, one of the solutions being produced in-house, is a range of PTFE gaskets put together at ALL HUB, Nhava Sheva. A gasket par excellence in quality and design. This manufacturing set up will cater to the future local requirement.

Crane/ FRP

Amfico represents Zhongsheng FRP cladding panels that are mainly intended for external cladding of tank containers and chemical trailers. FRP cladding panel is a composite material made of new type resin and high strength glass fiber, which is covered with gel coat. Designed to meet chemical liquid transportation needs, corrosion & high impact resistance, excellent weathering characteristics assure low-cost maintenance, high gloss surface finish and easy to repair. These are an ideal product in the tank containers application, cold chain and industrial applications.

Ultimate Liquid Dispenser

Amfico is a proud representative of these liquid dispensers in India providing innovative solutions for your restaurants, kiosks and other F&B requirements. Ease all your concerns about messy drips, product wastage, quality and cost control in your front-end and back-end kitchen. Budget control your sauces in your QSR restaurants and opt for our innovative Ultimate Portion Controlled Dispensers and Ultimate Liquid Dispensers. The Ultimate Portion Controlled Dispenser Systems deliver the perfect portion for your condiments, regulating your usage and costs. The Portion Controlled Dispenser systems allow fast dispensing of sauces and are perfectly placed in busy environments with some of the biggest commercial fast-food chains already using our dispensing solutions. Designed in Sweden, providing commercial quality, food grade sauce dispensing that are globally patented.

Wheelnut Indicators

Amfico is a proud representative of Wheel Nut Indicators that prevent catastrophic or unforeseen events on the road. Wheel Nuts can be easily installed to provide a clear visual pattern for drivers, with each pair of indicator pointing directly at each other indicating which wheel nuts need tightening hence providing ultimate safety and peace of mind for the drivers. CP Series are used extensively by the road haulage industry as a visual safety aid for enhanced fleet safety. DCL Series are used when the wheel nut is recessed, combining a loose wheel nut Indicator with a standard dust cap for use on wheels with trims. DCL Series also offer the additional benefits that come with a wheel nut cap for protecting the nut from weathering, corrosion and general road damage. These are widely used in industrial, agricultural, military, mining and commercial vehicle sectors amongst others.


Amfico is a representative of LODAX ground protection mats. LODAX Pads when used correctly, offer a safe support for mobile cranes, concrete pumps, truck mounted cranes, hydraulic hoists, scissor lifts, machines, containers etc. LODAX ground protection mats are used to grant access to machines and pedestrians on difficult accessible terrains. They provide protection to the soil and are frequently used in the landscaping industry, construction sites, maintenance of sports fields etc. These mats are top quality, lightweight, easy to handle, durable, ecological made of virgin recycled plastic material and prone to harsh environments. Protect your surfaces with LODAX and reduce the risk of damages and destruction!


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Microcrystalline waxes are a type of wax produced by de-oiling petrolatum, as part of petroleum refining process. The colour varies from Dark Brown to Pure White depending on the level of refining. Compared to Paraffin wax, Microcrystalline Wax tends to be thicker and tougher but has flexibility and elasticity, it also has a higher molecular weight and melting point. It is characterised by the fineness of its crystals, in contrast to larger crystals seen in Paraffin Wax. Microcrystalline Waxes are used for multiple uses depending on their quality. In Industry it is used in the manufacture of Paints, Coatings and Linings, Adhesives, Sealing Compositions, Crayons, Candles, Tires, Rubber, Corrugated Board, Laminated Paper Products, Castings, various types of polishes etc.The purified version is used for Cosmetics. It is used as a thickener and to give products a semi-solid to solid smooth texture. Eg Lipsticks, Moisturisers, Hair Waxes etc. Amfico represents Ankur Fragrance Product Industries Importers and Suppliers of Microcrystalline wax in India.


It is the world’s smoothest nitrile gloves used for medical examination, FDA and EN 455 approved. It has no latex no sterile and no odour with AQL(Acceptable Quality Level) of 1.5% and comes in 3 different colours blue, white & purple; in two different sizes Medium & Large.

Puncture resistance, Tear resistance, Abrasion resistance, Cut resistance, and Chemical resistance, No latex protein to Cause Allergy, Undifferentiated shelf life (5 years), FDA Approved, EN 455, CE, Beaded cuffs ensures easy donning and prevents roll down

Mirai Medical

dummy contetn r vertical of Services, Amfico's forte has been in the movement of liquid logistics, ISO Tank container fleet management & maintenance, testing, cleaning coating and storage.


Amfico is a proud representative and marketing partner of Puresan, a UK based product in India. Puresan is an ‘always on’ air and surface sanitiser which uses innovative micro-mist electrostatic diffusion technology to continuously sanitise any indoor space killing most viruses and bacteria including COVID-19. The sanitizer is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) hospital grade certified sanitiser and causes no irritation for human contact and inhalation and offers constant protection whilst the room is in use. The product has been independently tested by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited laboratory to show a total reduction to zero CFU (Colony Forming Units) per 10cm2 of micro-organisms, when swab tested 24hrs post installation and with continued normal use. Many case studies have been conducted with success in Old Age Homes and Day Care Schools in the UK. Range of Products include PureSan 120, PureSan 240, PureSan HVAC.