All Hub

timing Mon - Fri, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Mumbai, Maharashtra


All Hub is the only depot with a drive through cleaning bay. A no man entry where the cleaning of the tanks happens using professional cleaning systems. There are two bays and one specifically for food cargo.

APC Coating

We are the sole representative of APC's ChemLine Coating that delivers superior resistant performance to more than 98% of all types of chemicals. ChemLine offers excellent bonding qualities and even be applied to pitted and corroded steel. It is the ideal choice for safety protecting investments at chemical plants, processing and storage facilities.

ChemLine is the coatings answer to protect concrete-based containment structures, waste water tanks, clarifiers, flocculation basins, neutralization chambers, chemical containment is needed.

At ALLHUB which is our depot in Nhava Sheva, trained professionals carry out the coating process with precision and superior client satisfaction. One of the select few facilities in the world to be certified as applicators for APC.

Other Coating

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Amfico’s trained team at ALL HUB is one of the few applicators of Chartek in India, manufactured by Akzo Nobel for the application of fire protection coatings for onshore, offshore and commercial buildings. Chartek is a unique intumescent PFP coating that provides both cryogenic spill protection (CSP) and fire protection. It protects against leaks of liquified natural gas. Designed to enhance productivity through fast application and low applied thickness. Chartek also provides excellent corrosion and blast resistance. It improves coating efficiency through reduced number of coats making it the ideal choice for process equipment and areas experiencing heat radiation from flares.


Have you ever thought of heating solutions for bulk transport and liquids? Liquids require to be at a certain temperature or have to be heated up during transportation either in tank containers, trailers or in IBCs. TransHeat by Dirac Industries offers two different types of heating systems for moving tank containers or trailers filled with liquid cargoes that needs to remain at a certain maintained temperature or has to be heated up during or after transportation Both solutions are covered with insulation to limit the heat losses and to protect people touching the container unit. Dirac TransHeat is one of the many services that we offer at our depot – ALL HUB


As part of our logistics solutions at ALL HUB, Amfico provides transportation of Dangerous Goods and Non DG Tank Containers through its own fleet of trailers. Our aim is to transport goods and maintain safe and timely delivery as per International practices. Our drivers and all plant employees go through rigorous safety training on a regular basis. Amfico represents GPS service providers who provide effective fleet management solutions to increase efficiency of the trailers. The system can monitor many logistical aspects and remotely monitor and track our trailers. Compliance check for Vehicular Fitness are done on an annual basis and all trailers have a Comprehensive Insurance cover.

Cleaning & M&R

At ALL HUB, the Cleaning division has been established to clean Road Tankers / ISO Tank Containers, IBC’s, Drums and Storage Tanks. The facility is also equipped with a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Effluent Treatment Plant. The cleaning facility has provision for water softener, steam & hot water. The internal cleaning is performed using water based chemicals, using rotor jets and the external cleaning is performed using hand held jets. With our high pressure low volume equipment, steam, temperature controlled features, water based chemicals, venturi and dryer ALL HUB is able to provide superior quality cleaning services in India. Amfico is the sole representative of Groninger Cleaning Systems that provide world class cleaning from small systems to large turnkey projects.


All HUB provides customized drumming solutions to our shippers, consignees and logistic partners equipped with IBC/ Drum palletized filler for filling, foaming, charged, hazardous, non toxic and corrosive viscous cargo. Viscous line heated and insulated to reduce heat loss and increase efficiency. Equipped with steam lines for heating or melting product before drumming or delivering to the customer.Corrosive line- equipped with hastalloy wetted parts such as filling nozzle with nitrogen, fume hood and drip cup. Other parts are made of PTFE & Stainless Steel.

Tank to Tank

As part of our liquid logistics solutions, at ALL HUB Amfico provides solutions for its customers to transfer viscous and corrosive cargoes from one containerized liquid carrier to another. AODD (Air Operated Double Diaphragm) Pump providing unique solution to critical pump applications with the most effective reliable and energy efficient service. Ability to steam viscous cargoes in order to facilitate smooth transfer of said cargo.

Track & Trace

SAVVY telematics monitors Shock Detection, Yard Management, Temperature Monitoring & Control to ensure zero compromise in logistics. A large number of Rail Operators, Tank Operators, Leasing Companies, Chemical Manufacturers and Distributors etc have started using these equipments on their fleet to monitor them. The system is made-up of Hardware and Software and the end user can access using the SAVVY Synergy Portal, or an interface API to push the data into customers ERP. The portal is also available as a mobile App.


At ALL HUB our team of engineers are driven to design and produce innovative solutions for our domestic and international clients. With the growing demand for ISO Tank spare parts, one of the solutions being produced in-house, is a range of PTFE gaskets put together at ALL HUB, Nhava Sheva. A gasket par excellence in quality and design. This manufacturing set up will cater to the future local requirement.


Being an innovator in this industry and a leading name as a tank operator, Amfico ensures international quality across its services and one of these has been representing a well-known Cleaning company Groninger. The Groninger high pressure cleaning technology has been developed in the Netherlands. These solutions range from single bay containerized systems to multi acre depots. Amfico has set up Groninger cleaning systems in depots across India. These systems have reduced the amount of manual labour and improved working conditions. To improve your tank cleaning efficiency, visit us at ALL HUB and avail of our depot services. Remember Cleanliness and hygiene is not superficial, it is a sign of quality!

Amfico Agencies Pvt Ltd has always been in the forefront in the bulk liquid logistic industry.

First mover advantage, out of box solutions, backward and forward integration, end to end Principal to Client solutions is our expertise. As one of our initiatives this year, Amfico Agencies prides itself in showcasing India’s First Training ISO Tank Container offering innovative and robust training solutions to the liquid bulk industry. Amfico has always been a forerunner in providing training to its teams as well as its clients. Product and service knowledge is one of the many verticals that we pride ourselves in. Our very own creation, “Amfico’s training tank – ATT” serves to provide an understanding of technical details, cargo specs, tank construction and digitalization in logistics.

Our Training Tank is not just a tank, it is a notch higher. It is an interactive tank that displays all the solutions that revolve around logistics and cargo safety. Our Training Tank is showcased at our depot- All HUB in Nhava Sheva open to training and educating clients and their teams on aspects of tank container. The Training Tank can also be transported to client’s depot / plant for training purpose.

The Tank is built with high standards of safety. We have built an entry door that safely allows people to walk inside the tank, train and understand the interiors with complete technical understanding. For those comfortable, the regular manlid in the Training Tank ensures a top view of the interiors of the tank. This full size 20 foot Training Tank ensures safety with the purpose of education further reiterating our Vision of being, “A One Stop Shop for the ISO Tank Industry, Bulk Logistics and Safety”.

Visit ALL HUB and take a walk-in educational tour of many aspects of our Training Tank such as-

  • The History of Tank Container
  • Baffle Plates
  • Coating process for special haz and non haz cargo
  • Electrification of tanks
  • Spare Parts used in the tank such as Gaskets, Valves, Rupture disk etc
  • GPS Trackers and Telematics using Blockchain and IOT technology and many more.

ALL HUB- A depot ahead of its time!