GIRARD EQUIPMENT Inc, is USA’s leading manufacturer of ISO Tank and Tank Trailer Equipment including parts and accessories and are recognised throughout the world as a superior choice when it comes to reliability, performance, and trust for their well known and popular designs of Pressure Relief Vents and Magnetic Vacuum Breakers.

Girard Equipment offices are located within USA at Florida, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey and other parts of the world at Rotterdam, Beijing, United Kingdom and has now extended their operations to India



Girard has a large product range covering equipments including parts parts and accessories for the Intermodal Tank Container Transport, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s),Acid Road Tankers, Railcars, Chemical and Petroleum Road Tankers. Girard Equipment are now being fitted to many new builds for the tank container industry. One of world’s largest tank operators has already fitted nearly 5000 tank containers with the complete set of Girard parts and accessories on them. Most worldwide Maintenance and Repair professionals have started using and recommending Girard Parts to their management due to its reliability and performance.

Girard’s latest product is the “Orange Dura Seal” No more ‘Gasket Troubles’ in Sight for Pressure Relief Vents, Knowing that consumer wanted a stronger more flexible gasket to protect their pressure relief vents without it costing a fortune, Girard Equipment created the “Orange Dura-Seal”.

For Intermodal Tank Container Equipment

  • Manlids & Accessories
  • Pressure Relief Vents
  • Airline Equipments
  • Top Discharge Equipment
  • Bottom Outlet Equipment
  • BSP Caps and Adapters
  • PRV Parts & Accessories


For Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)

  • Smart Vent: IBC Pressure & Vacuum Relief
  • IBC Vent/Fill Cap sanitary Vent
  • 3”Stainless Polymer Fusible Cap.

For Acid Road Tankers

  • Pressure Relief Vents

For Railcar

  • Vent Valve
  • Chemical Road Tankers
  • Pressure Relief Vents
  • Magnetic Vacuum Breakers
  • Vapour Recovery Adaptors
  • Parts & Accessories

For Petroleum Road Tankers  ‘TankTrux”Accessories

  • Bottom Loading Equipment
  • Cam and Groove fittings
  • Dry Disconnects
  • Electronic Overfill Protection
  • Emergency unloading valves
  • Fuel Oil Delivery
  • Gasoline Delivery Elbows/Hoses
  • Petroleum Manhole Assemblies
  • Petroleum Terminal Equipment
  • Tan Trucks
  • Trailer Vapour Recovery Vents & Unloading Valves


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