GRONINGER CLEANING SYSTEMS, a leading international supplier of specialist cleaning systems for chemical companies, factories, tank trucks, ISO containers, railcars and IBC’s.

Over the last 65 years Groninger has established a reputation for reliability, durability and effectiveness has been contributing to major improvements in global cleaning standards. Groninger’s input and contribution starts with the concept and design, followed by manufacturing and assembly and goes through to installation and service of cleaning systems, making it a one- stop shop for complete cleaning solutions. Its global customer base ranges from small depots to multinational clients and all are shop for complete cleaning solutions. Its global customer base ranges from small depots to multinational clients and all are contributing to major improvements in cleaning standards through the use of custom-made Groninger technology and knowhow.

Groninger is focused in its drive for innovation, which has resulted in a product range designed to suit the growing numbers of global tank depots looking to provide fully integrated cleaning installations that meet the strictest requirements in the areas of safety, ergonomics, quality and the environment. Groninger has also developed a cleaning system to reach the highest possible quality for the cleaning of bulk food liquid transport vehicles.

It’s well renowned “mobile cleaning system” is fully integrated into a box container. These containers have been purpose built for many customers to use in their chemical complexes and/or tank cleaning stations. It includes special features like plug and play mobility, compact design and the flexibility to quickly change from one cleaning method to another which is a major advantage with the variety of liquid residues that have to be cleaned.

These strengths and an enviable reference list, makes Groninger the partner of choice globally for the cleaning needs of chemical industries and their logistics partners.

Groninger Cleaning Systems: Has a vast products database which gives you the opportunity to choose a cleaning system for your specific needs.

Choose from your specific needs

  • Exterior cleaning / Roll – over’s
  • Parts cleaning for plants and workshops
  • Cargo heating in plants
  • Low pressure/CIP Systems
  • Stationary high pressure systems with rotor jets.
  • Cleanpack -Pump system
  • Railroad tank wagon cleaning
  • Water preparation
  • Chassis cleaner
  • Combi /SSCW cleaner
  • Vacuum extractor
  • Emission cleaning
  • Earthing
  • High pressure spray guns
  • Rotor Jets
  • Frost protection
  • Air- piping cleaning
  • Acid circulation cabin
  • Barrel with lid cleaner
  • Foampack System
  • Detergent metering
  • Stationary high pressure system
  • Drying/Drypack
  • Barrel with fill- opening cleaner
  • High pressure pumps

Reference List:

  • Fourcee Kandla-(IN)
  • Kanoo (KTS) Jubail (KSA)
  • JTS Dubai -UAE
  • Globe Jubail-(KSA)
  • SAMCo Jubail – (KSA)
  • Stolt Shanghai -(CN)
  • NTC Rotterdam – (NL)
  • Givaudan – Naarden -(NL)
  • ABB Turbo system Ltd.-(UK)
  • Cotac Europe GmbH -several locations
  • Henkel – Krefeld (G)
  • Tank cleaning Noord Nederland
  • Delfzijl (NL)
  • Akzo Nobel -Cologne (G) and
  • Sassenheim (NL)
  • V/d Bosch- Tranporten – Erp.
  • A’dam (NL) & Tielt (B)
  • IFF – Tilburg (NL)
  • Cargil – Eremov(RF),
  • Bursa (T) en Sas van Gent (N)
  • Martens en van Oord – Oosterhout (NL)
  • OBC Ottevaere NV -Oudenaarde (B)
  • HCCR – Hamburg (D)
  • Infraserv Hochst – Frankfurt (G)
  • GustoMSC / SBM Offshore for
  • Talisman Energy – Offshore Northsee (N)

Tank cleaning systems - by Gröninger Cleaning Systems - Rotterdam (NL)

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