TIANJIN ZERPO SUPPLY CO.LTD a professional manufacturer of “ZERPO” Dunnage Air Bags used for securing multiple in-transit cargoes by air, sea, road and rail.

These bags are firm, reliable, cost effective, easy to handle and are highly efficient. After testing in China Packaging Research and Test Centre, the quality and performance of these dunnage air bags have proved to be of high quality. It is proved that the bags can withstand pressure up to 9 Tons.

Having established itself worldwide “ZERPO “Dunnage Air Bags, are available in a many sizes for application in multiple situations. In case of large orders we can also develop special sizes as desired. Selection of the bags is dependent on gap size between the loads, height between pallets and as per the specification table.



Composite Dunnage Air Bag

The outer shell is made from Kraft laminate with PP woven cloth material. On this outer covering one can easily print their company details and this also helps for extra protection.

PP woven Dunnage Air Bag

This bag’s outer shell is made from high strength PP woven fabric can take high pressure as well as it is not affected by humidity.

Kraft Dunnage Air Bag

This outer shell is made from multilayer Kraft paper.

The inner layer of Zerpo is made from multilayer’s co-extruded LDPE film, which has air-tightness and excellent extensibility.

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