Boplan bvba, a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of durable and extremely efficient safety barriers for demanding environments. The focus is on the protection of people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. We only make use of high quality and extremely strong plastics where by features of traditional raw materials become meaningless.

Boplan modular systems are the most innovative available on the market and already today they secure industrial buildings, warehouses, production halls, airports, drilling platforms and petrochemical sites. We offer a solution for any specific application. Thanks to their passion for quality and sense for innovation Boplan became one of the sector’s leading companies. All products and systems are manufactured in Belgium and are previously tested to the highest standards.


Provides impact protection for persons, machinery, equipment materials & building structures, where forklift and other vehicular traffic is present. FLEX IMPACT based on reinforced polymer is built to have an impact resistant solution mainly for industrial applications. On heavy impact the barrier buckles and returns to its original shape as collisions can endanger the stability of the entire construction. Column protectors are made out of two parts which are closely attached around the post. Their compressive strength is huge so any shocks are perfectly damped & collected and the post is kept free from structural damage.


This is an anti -slip system designed to eliminate slip hazards in all situations near staircases, ladders, platforms, aisles, loading docks, working platforms, industrial flooring, etc. It is a high technological multilayer sheets made of strong plastic with lined non-skid particles that do not loosen when being driven on and is safe and reliable when wet. XTRA GRIP is available in various versions for almost all possible applications. All XTRA GRIP parts are supplied in the size you want; fully ready for use. It is available as plates, stair treads and profiles.


Fall protection for ladder-way openings and platforms. When working at height or in hostile environment a 100% fall protection is essential. With AXES GATE you leave nothing to chance. The gates are self closing so negligence is impossible. They are made out of high quality reinforced plastic which makes them specifically appropriate for salted environments such as oil-drilling platforms or near corrosive chemical substance. BOPLAN Modular systems are the most innovative available on the market and already today, they secure Industrial buildings, warehouses, airports, drilling platforms and petrochemical sites.

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