INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS SDN, BHD, is a leading Flexibags and Flexi IBC (LiteBulk) manufacturer and operator. Infinity is also an NVOCC operating over 2000 TEU’s consisting of 20gp, 20hc, 40gp, 40hc containers both are a part of INFINITY GROUP OF COMPANIES, offering innovative and cost effective logistics solutions.

INFINITY has its head offices in Malaysia and branch offices in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam as well as a world-wide agent network. The manufacturing facilities located in Malaysia and China are practising in-house quality control and conducting vigorous tests in a controlled environment using advanced equipment including ultrasonic leak detectors.

These Flexibags, fabricated from approved food grade Polyethylene and Polypropylene which are suitable for a wide range of non-hazardous liquid cargoes abide to the Container Owners Association (COA) guidelines, quality management standards of ISO 9001, 2008, Kosher and HALAL Certifications and HACCP requirements in producing and handling the Flexibags.


Cargoes Carried in our Flexibags/LiteBulk: 

• Oils and Chemicals • Alkylates • Detergents • Emulsions • Glycols
• Marine Oils • Plasticizers • Salt Solutions • Synthetic Resins • Transmission Fluids
• Base Oils • Sterilisers • Engine Oils • Natural Latex • Polyoils
• Silicate solutions • Fatty Acids • White Oils • Paraffin • Synthetic Latex
• Drilling Mud • Glycerine • Amino Acids • Fortified Wines • Mineral Water
• Sorbital • Edible Oils • Fish Oils • Tomato Paste • Dairy Products
• Soy Sauces         

LiteBulk (Flexi IBC) is a paper Intermediate Bulk Container for storage and transport of non-hazardous fluids or liquid cargoes. Each LiteBulk is capable of filling up to 1100 litres of cargo. It is a single use bag-in-box hassle-free packing as compared to returnable IBC.

Maximisation of payload stowable up to 22,000 litres in a 20’ocean freight container as compared to 20,000 litres, if you use a traditional IBC. It has superior strength and space saving characteristics. It can be stackable up to 4 high in loaded condition making it withstand 8 tons of static force. It is collapsible when empty for cheaper and efficient positioning. It is easy to assemble and fill. It is environmentally friendly as it is made fully from recyclable material.


The company has a diversified range of Flexibags suitable for a wide range of non hazardous products these include:-

(Basic) A 20’ bulk container liner made from 2 layers of 125 micron Polyethylene sewn into a woven Polypropylene outer.

(Economic) A20’ bulk container liner made from 3 layers of 125 micron Polyethylene, sewn into a woven Polypropylene outer.

(Standard) A20’ bulk container liner made from 4 layers of 125 micron Polyethylene sewn into a woven Polypropylene outer.

(Superior) A20’ bulk container liner  made from 5 layers(4 layers of 125 micron Polyethylene + 1 layer of EVOH Barrier film of 100 micron as an Oxygen barrier and protective layer, preventive chemical, vapour or gases from infiltrating into your product)sewn into a woven Polypropylene outer to support the Flexibags and stabilizes the  liquid dynamics has a strong yarn count that is able to withstand an elongation of about 15% and tensile strength of 190 kg (wrap) and 130kg(weft).

Accessories available through Infinity:

Heating Pads to prevent solidification of liquid cargo at low ambient temperature during shipping or at the point of discharge.

Insulation Liner to reduce the rate of temperature fluctuation enabling product to retain their original characteristics as much as possible

Tab Liner Service as spillage or leakage containment.

Bulk Head is retaining wall that holds / blocks the Flexibags from protruding from the container when it is fully loaded. Bulk Heads are of multiple designs depending as per their use and type.

Valves to control the flow of the cargo

Heat Exchangers to thaw / re-melt solidified cargoes homogeneously


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