Self Propelled Ship Unloader:

YoungSheng. Wing St. Engineering Co., Ltd., specializes in the manufacture of conveyor equipment, and has developed a new form of self-propelled ship unloader. The unloader is currently in Taichung Port, Suao Hong Kong, Hualien port services. The equipment proposes high performance while very low on maintenance costs.

Being configured with an exclusive conveyor, the Ship Unloader designed by Young Sheng combines the advantages of ordinary conveyors while achieving easier maintenance, lower wearing and higher performance.

In addition, it can be moved freely on the road to present an all new type of Ship Unloader.



Higher Adaptation Capability
Our Ship Unloader can adapt to various environment conditions. Soon as the ship is berthed at the dock, our Ship Unloader can be sailed to the dock easily, preparing for the subsequent unloading at all times. After completing the work, it can be easily berthed at the designated location.

Design Concept

With rich experiences in harbor unloading conveyors over the past years, Young Sheng has manufactured a variety of conveyors such as fixed-type conveyors, moveable conveyors, and bulk cargo conveyors, etc. In the meantime, we have also been dedicated to developing more efficient and higher stability products for our customers; this has contributed to the presentation of the current Ship Unloader model.



Performance – The Ship Unloader is fitted with brand new DENYO DCA-400SPKII generator. Such a generator is able to support all of the operations performed by the Ship Unloader.

Capacity: 13158 kg/L. In average, each liter of diesel can deal with 13,158 kg of cargos.

Unloading Capacity:

Our Ship Unloading can provide 800 tons of unloading capacity per hour. Such figure is the average value through physical operation by our customers and it is not a theoretical value.

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