YUYAO SUNPASS INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.LTD, A specialized manufacturer and exporter of a full range of high quality custom developed Seals and Gaskets for use with chemical and food grade tank containers. Their well equipped manufacturing facility is situated in Yuyao, Zhejiang, China. Sunpass also manufactures other items used for the tank container industry such as Dust Caps, Document Holders, SS Di Sticks, Data Plates, Temperature Gauges, Pressure Gauges etc. It also manufactures a large number of parts for the dry/box containers. Website: www.sealings.cn

BRAIDED MANLID SEAL PTFE: Clean length form braided packing for lids and fittings on static and mobile tank containers. Sunpass style 2200 is manufactured from an inert reinforced polypropylene yarn, impregnated with PTFE and an inert resin to provide a non-stick surface.



SUPER TANKTYT LID SEAL: The seal is made of the highest quality 100% virgin PTFE and used in valves. Thanks to the high chemical stability, good mechanical properties and permanent resistance in the atmosphere (humidity, gases, temperature changes) they are suitable for valves in tank container. All these gaskets are supplied by world leading manufacturers. They are precision manufactured components designed specifically to give long life with high integrity sealing.



STAINLESS STEEL MANOMETER: Indication Range:0-20, 670bar Case Nominal Diameter: 1 1/2”;2”;2 1/2”;3”;4”;5”;6” Case Material is Mild steel & Stainless Steel.

4”THERMOMMETER: TENGLONG ND 100 glycerine thermometer is designed to be fitted on tank containers, IBC’s or road tankers in order to measure temperature.



STAINLESS STEEL DIPSTICK: This is used to measure the oil for tank container with two types-Straight and Angle.

DOCUMENT HOLDER: Normal design document holder is adjustable mounting brackets and waterproof. It is used for Tank Containers.

RUBBER DOOR SEAL: Tenglong rubber door seal is made by high quality EPDM rubber material with extruded fabrication processing. They are used for container door seal. The length is 2.5M.

DECK SCREW: Material is Aluminium (We can produce other size as customer draw or samples)

AIR VENT SMALL: Material is ABS available in Red, Grey, Blue, Ochre, Green or other colour as per requirement.

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