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How Congnizant Is Your Organization On Safety?

Slips, trips, and falls! Don’t be misled these are not injuries related to kids. These are the realities that stem in the logistics industry. Whether it is safety within a warehouse, factory a depot or on road safety which causes serious injuries to your workforce and damage to vehicles.

Safety originates from the latin word ‘salvus’ meaning to be safe.

So how do we provide a risk-free safe working environment and minimise the chances of accidents, inventory damage and escalating M&R?

In a factory, vehicles become the victim of a collision leading to extensive repairs. This is the case even if you have a level of protection installed, like a traditional steel barrier. Steel barriers send the force of the collision back towards the source of the impact, which may write off your vehicle entirely. It also leads to further damage to your floor. New age Flex impact protectors #boplan help remove the risk of damage. What these advanced safety barriers do is reduce the damage caused to the vehicle, the driver and it disperses the collision amongst its own body.

Space is a constant restraint. Due to lack of space, horizontal warehouse racking has been replaced in some warehouses by vertical racking. It is imperative that your racking is securely fixed to the wall at an acceptable safe height - therefore rendering your racking unable to move when it encounters any impact. Usually one has seen high chances of the forklift operator colliding into the racks in the aisle of the warehouse causing significant damage to the racks, goods, as well as himself. The RE Rack from the rack protection series #boplan ensures safety barriers between the vehicle and the racking which means no damage is caused to either due to the barrier’s ability to absorb the shock.

A very large number of non-fatal injuries take place due to negligence in workforce safety like collision with objects and heavy equipment. This involves days away from work leading to losses. An excellent choice for workmen fall-protection is handrails #boplan. They help in separating and shielding workmen from high-risk traffic zones. Robust handrails #boplan provide high impact resistance and flexibility. They are able to absorb crashes with heavier vehicles and guarantee the safety of workmen or passing pedestrians on public roads, protection at wharves, as well as on construction sites where there is constant circulation of forklifts, pallet trucks and other heavy vehicles.

There is a saying, ‘it is better to be safe than to be sorry’. There are occasions when a pallet truck in the factory, a clark lifter at an airport or a forklift in the warehouse collides with walls that juts out. CP corner protectors #boplan provide an impact-resistance for all types of walls, partitions, pillars, machine and corners. The flexible and durable FLEX-IMPACT crash protection range is not only easy to install but will protect the most vulnerable corners of walls and partitions.

A very integral part of the logistics industry is cold chain. The Indian cold chain industry is valued at over INR 1,000 billion. Corrective maintenance or repair can usually be unscheduled and can be a high-cost affair if equipment safety is not taken into account. Damaged cooler, freezer doors are one of the most common problems in the cold chain industry. This can lead to temperature differences which can be life changing too. To avoid costly and structural damage to columns in the freezer #ICE FLEX column protectors #boplan can be installed with ease and efficiency regardless of temperature. They are designed and tested for use in cold chain offering optimum impact and maximum safety in temperatures as low as -30 degrees C.

Besides inhouse safety i.e. safety within your factory, warehouse or cold chain, on road safety is of prime importance too. Safety for people, equipment as well as vehicular safety- of trailers and trucks. Wheel attachments, as the term implies, consist of the wheel nuts and wheel bolts which serve to secure the road wheels of a vehicle. One of the reasons for on road accidents is the danger of a missing lug nut. It can cause serious consequences such as the vehicle to wobble because the pressure is unevenly distributed. Pressure will also be placed on the vehicle as it turns corners, brakes, or accelerates to high speeds. Failure of the attachment components leads to a serious accident. Hence high performance #wheelnutindicators can identify loose wheel nuts with a simple visual inspection indicating which wheel nut needs tightening. Wheel nut indicator provides ultimate safety and peace of mind for drivers.

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