KSI is the World’s First Roller Barrier that prevents drivers and passengers from fatal accidents by not only absorbing shock energy but also converting shock energy into rotational energy.

The barriers are installed at sites where vehicles are exposed to frequent accidents. KSI roller barriers are highly visible on curbs and dark roads due to its noticeable color and self-luminescence.



What is PosMAC?

  • Innovative High Corrosion-resistant steel plate “PosMAC” – TERNARY ALLOY COATED STEEL PLATE (Zn-3%, Mg-2.5%, Al)
  • 3 times higher corrosion-resistant properties than conventional hot-dip galvanized product.
  • Excellent Anti-corrosive property on the flat surfaces / Anti-corrosive property on cut edges / Strong anti- corrosive property against acid rain
  • High corrosion resistance against neutral salt (High efficiency of guardrail at sea side)



Test Method: CCT 1 cycle (KS R1127): Salt Spray for 2 Hrs, (5% Nacl, 35°C)
Dry for 4 Hrs, (25% RH, 60°C) – Wetting for 2 Hrs, (95% RH, 50°C)


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