Future Box Corporation, a well known Korean Company introducing innovative products such as Sliding Door & Hybrid Open Top Containers for higher levels of cargo safety/ security and provides more efficiency during loading / unloading cargoes. These patented equipment are slowly but steadily finding their place with many shipping lines such as Hanjin, HMM, WANHAI, PIL, Sinokor, KMTC, STX, Heung-A, Kambara etc.

Sliding Door (International Patent): There are lot of cases registered for cargo theft among shippers, shipping companies, importers etc. However in 9 out 10 cases, cargo theft is done while the customs seals are intact, and thus it is not easy to pin- point at what stage in the supply chain has the theft actually taken place.



Due to its unique patented design the doors cannot be disassembled as it is a sliding door, that needs to be folded, slid and swung to 270 degrees as it is one unit in itself. Compared to a normal box container the seal is applied on the overlap area, between the right door and corner post, tagging, it as an Anti-Theft Equipment.

The sliding boxes are designed as front open as well as a side open sliding box containers, which can help increase side loadings in railway wagons as well as road trailers .It is also useful for loading wide equipment from its side opening and for storage. These containers are available in 20’ as well as 40’.

Hybrid Open Top Containers (International Patent) these equipments were designed taking into consideration the short comings of the normal open top containers. The bows in a normal Open Top Container needed to be knocked out of their assemblies making it dangerous for the assemblies. The other short fall was that once the bows were disassembled they often got misplaced.



The new patented design has roof bows that can be moved/ slid horizontally (for in-gauge cargoes) and vertically (for out- gauge cargoes) on the top side rail. Also there is no need disassemble/detach both ends of the Roof Bows, hence these equipments are very convenient to use, have low M& R costs, short stevedoring time and can be used for Over Height Cargoes

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